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Doo Prime Crude Oil Leverage Adjustment Notice

Doo Prime Crude Oil Leverage Adjustment Notice

Dear client:

Greetings from Doo Prime.

Due to the recent fluctuation in volatility in the crude oil market has decreased,  Doo Prime will adjust the leverage for the following symbols on London time (GMT+1) 23:00 , 7th June 2020:

Symbols Before
Leverage adjustment
Leverage adjustment
CL 5 25 (12.5 times when market close)
COIL 5 25 (12.5 times when market close)
XBRUSD (with & without .s) 5 25
XTIUSD (with & without .s) 5 25

The following is an example to illustrate the impact of leverage adjustment on your account’s margin level.

With 25 leverage, if XBRUSD price is at 36.162, Buying 1 lot XBRUSD the margin required is 1*1000*36.162*4/100 =USD 1,446.48

Should you require further assistance, please contact your dedicated account manager. We remain committed in providing high quality and satisfactory service to our clients.

Thank you for your trust and support for Doo Prime!

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