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Dear Valued Customer:


Greetings from Doo Prime!


The following table indicates the futures contract that is approaching the delivery date for the month of January. After the expiration date, the corresponding futures contract cannot be traded anymore. For expiration details, please refer to the table below.


Please be noted that you should close your expiring futures contract before the market closes. In order to prevent customers from opening new positions in the market, the system will disallow the opening of new orders 20 minutes before market closure and all open positions in futures contracts that are expiring will be closed 15 minutes before the market closure.


Symbol  Contract Month  Last Trading Date  
Sl_2101  Jan-21  2021/01/25 22:00   
CME Silver Futures CFD  January 2021   


Please refer to the table below on the new futures contract:


Symbol  Contract Month  Release Date  
Sl_2105  May-21  2021/01/25 23:00   
CME Silver Futures CFD  May 2021   

If you need any further clarification, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks for your trust and support!


Best regards,

Doo Prime

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