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#ScamAlert: Protect Yourself From Scams Using Doo Prime Name

It has come to our attention that there is an increase in fraudulent cases related to Doo Prime. Specifically, there is a fake website in Vietnam – titled Doo Prime Fund – making use of our brand and content with the intention of manipulating and swindling customers.


This is the most recent discovery in a line of fake websites and/or establishments impersonating the Doo Prime name. Other fraudulent websites include: 














To further explain, these criminals are fraudulently using a somewhat similar name with our company, as well as almost identical branding and content to publish a fake website and/or channel. This includes, but is not limited to fraudulent use of our company’s name, registered trademarks, and so forth to conduct illegal publicity.


In return, this disgraceful activity not only induces customers to open accounts with them, but also deposit funds in private names. Such occurrences have caused serious damage to the vital interests of our users, as well as investors.


Here, and with this matter, Doo Prime solemnly declares that:   


All the above-mentioned are counterfeit, and have no association with our company, Doo Prime, at all. Our company does not bear any legal responsibility in this matter.


Doo Prime has never developed the above stated websites or Telegram accounts. In addition, we have never authorized any company or individual to develop websites, software, or social media channels of any form under the name of “Doo Prime”. Lastly, Doo Prime has never provided any form of software downloads from any third-party channels.


Should you have any doubts or questions regarding the authenticity of any brand-related material, please verify with our customer service by dialing 1800 88 9999. 


Do not be deceived by these fraudulent activities. Investors and customers are advised to be vigilant and screen carefully when it comes to suspicious website or mobile applications. Always use the official channels to understand and open an account. This also applies to our trading software, MT4/MT5 for trading.


We are happy to assist if you have any further questions. Please leave a message on the official account or check with our company through the following contact information:


Europe: +44 11 3733 5199

Asia: +852 3704 4241

Asia – China: +86 400 842 7539

Email: [email protected]


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