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Doo Prime Equips Traders With Accessible Tools In Strategizing Trades

Finding and validating new trading opportunities are the most vital and major fundamentals of strategizing trades. To add, it is crucial for traders to time trades well, learn about the financial markets, and manage trading risk.

As individuals’ desire to garner exposure to regulated markets has been increasing, trading is not easily grasped with just trading knowledge. It requires robust analysis tools in which traders can grasp the market trend and execute well-informed trades as a trader.

With this on the table, many traders are employing trading decision support to help enhance their trading strategies.

Doo Prime Partners with Trading Central to Bring You The Best Analysis Tools

At Doo Prime, we strive to exceed client expectations by delivering more than ever on our CRM User Center, a multi-functional platform featuring distinctive user interface experience, powerful analytic tools, customizable settings coupled with a personal performance report.     

Aligned with our main vision, Doo Prime and Trading Central work hand in hand in not only delivering analysis tools for our clients but also enhancing their trading skills and knowledge through one single platform. 

Trading Central’s solution harnesses an award-winning fusion of automated AI analytics, impressive user interfaces and registered investment adviser expertise. 

The analysis tools that we are available for Doo Prime’s clients include the MT4 indicator, Analyst Views, Economic Calendar and Forex Featured Idea.   

MT4 Indicator

The MetaTrader 4 Indicator can be used on real-time charts to identify trading opportunities. This unique MetaTrader 4 plug-in is designed to allow Live Account clients to see strategies and indicators directly on live charts.

Trading Central Adaptive Indicators are known as the charting revolution. At Doo Prime, we support clients to make more educated trading decisions. Therefore, we offer different sets of Trading Central indicators to use on our clients’ MT4 account.

Analyst Views

The Analyst Views drives confident decisions with simple, and actionable trading plans for traders as it will help traders understand the technical scenario at a glance.

All analysis are identified using the proprietary top-down global-macro model created by Trading Central’s award-winning research team. Additionally, Analyst Views is constantly scanning the market to provide full position management on over 8,000 instruments.

Economic Calendar

The Economic Calendar empowers traders to easily monitor, anticipate, and act on potentially market-moving movements with real-time, actionable macro-economic data.

Partnering with Trading Central allows Doo Prime’s clients to filter the economic events of 38 countries by their importance, track each event in real-time, or take a peek at how similar events previously played out on the FX chart instead of just getting static charts or impact previews.

Forex Featured Idea

The Forex Featured Idea helps in supporting and engaging Doo Prime’s clients by delivering live bullish or bearish trading ideas based on technical and fundamental analysis which is supported by back-tested strategies.

On top of that, the analysis tools available on Doo Prime’s CRM User Center also consist of online trading courses, eBooks, live market summaries, daily/weekly/monthly market summaries, as well as daily and weekly market reviews. Additionally, their services are available in several languages.

While there are several market research content providers, Doo Prime as a leading broker has chosen to feature the top-notch analysis tools and educational content on our CRM User Center to prove our diligence in catering for both local and international clients as well as complying with the higher standards of practice in the online trading industry.

Unlimited Access Of Analysis Tools with Doo Prime 

Despite providing the uppermost trading service and strategies together with analysis tools as a leading broker. Doo Prime strongly believes in implementing the best trading environment and user interface for all our traders to ensure we meet the requirement of being a global investment trading platform.

Doo Prime is dedicated to equip our clients with an accessible solution that will dramatically boost our clients’ trading strategies and performance through top-quality analysis tools.

All of Doo Prime’s analysis tools are cost-free and entitled to all Doo Prime’s clients. Additionally, it is readily available in multilingual on Doo Prime’s CRM User Center without any limitations.

Visit DooPrimeNews.com or login to Doo Prime CRM User Center now and explore all analysis tools provided by Doo Prime to enhance your trading strategies! 

If you have any queries, please do not hesitate to contact our Client Support Team at any time via:  

Europe: +44 11 3733 5199         
Asia: +852 3704 4241         
Asia – Singapore: +65 6011 1415 
Asia – China: +86 400 8427 539     

Technical Support: [email protected]     
Sales Representative: [email protected]   

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