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Doo Prime’s S2 #DooTrader Charity Cup — Global Trading Competition has now entered another stage. After nearly 15 trading days of fierce competition, the first stage of the competition concluded at 23:59, 10 November (UTC+0). Doo Prime is proud to showcase the winners of this year’s inaugural category:  

With this, we would like to congratulate the following top 5 winners that are  qualified to compete in the Grand Final, which will be held in December: 

1st Round Of Finalists For Master Group

ContestantsRegionTotal Lots TradedTotal Order VolumeCurrent Net ValueYieldMax. Drawdown rate
#1 Lai TaoXXXChina20.115036217.17261.62%61.16%
#2 Wu ZhiXXXChina23.223323649.33136.49%35.90%
#3 Lan PingxXXXChina30.056421372.79113.73%42.90%
#4 Xie YuaXXXChina21.673720639.35106.39%23.98%
#5 Zhang XXXChina44367941.5858.46%11.90%

1st Round Of Finalists For Classic Group

ContestantsRegionTotal Lots TradedTotal Order VolumeCurrent Net ValueYieldMax. Drawdown rate
#1 Xie YuaXXXChina13.624318613.2830.42%60.08%
#2 Sheng YunliXXXChina14.011611891.11494.56%46.59%
#3 Cai XXXChina12.42208377.81318.89%60.55%
#4 Huang CXXXChina168.792070118.50%46.83%
#5 Feng CXXXChina114.45823780.19110.24%66.30%

The 1st Stage In Review  

The first stage of this competition has attracted 9 countries’ participation with more than a thousand applications. The Champion of the Classic Group, Xie XuaXXX totally flipped the coin by opening up with a yield rate of as high as 830%, just a few days before the end of the competition, and has maintained a good condition until the end. With the perfect grasp on both the market and intuitive mentality, the winner was able to pull off a surprising comeback.  

On top of that, the contestant under the Classic Group, Sheng YunliXXX managed to generate a profit of USD 2000+ all at once, thanks to market fluctuations on the evening of the 10th. Through this, the contestant took a huge lead from ranking below the scoreboard and jumped all the way up to second place.  

On another note, the competition under the Master Group appeared to be more static. Compared with the double cash prize of the group, the yield rate of the first place does not show significance, as it is maintained at about 260%. However, the change of ranking in the Master Group is also full of surprises. Towards the end, contestants Wu ZhiXXX and Lan PingxXXX caught up greatly from behind and successfully scored the qualifications for the final match.  

The Upcoming Is Approaching  

Now that the ranking of the first stage has been confirmed, the second stage will start at 00:00 on November 15th, and end at 00:00 on December 8th. The registration of the 2nd stage will be closed at 23:59 on November 25th. Whether you are first stage contestants who want to make a comeback, or the new contestants who want to join and compete for the championship in 2021, the chances are all yours.  

Join the second stage by choosing your preferred group and get qualified:  

Group: Classic/ Master 

Minimum Deposit Requirement: USD 2,000 / USD 10,000

How to join:  

  • Existing Contestants: The event MT4 account must be settled before 23:55, November 12th (UTC+0), or open a new MT4 account and fulfill the group’s minimum deposit requirement.  
  • New Contestants: Open a new MT4 account without any ongoing orders while fulfilling the group’s minimum deposit requirement. 

A Philanthropic Trading Event With Amazing Prizes  

The maximum prize pool of the contest is USD 150,000 and has now surpassed 87,000 USD. Invite your friends to participate and receive USD 12 as a reward with no upper limit.; 

For every transaction made in the contest, Doo Prime will donate $0.1 for charitable purposes. We would like to thank each and every #DooTrader for bringing hope for our next generation. 

Visit now to find out more.  

Terms and conditions apply. 

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