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Record-Breaking! The Winner Claims the Crown with the Highest Total Return of 1323%!

The second round of 2022 S3 #DooTrader Charity Cup Global Trading Competition was successfully concluded on 14th December 2022, bringing this year’s competition to a close. After nearly 3 months of intense competition, a total of 20 outstanding traders in the Master and Classic categories have successfully won abundant rewards. The event also attracted traders from all over the world to come together and demonstrate their trading skills, drawing widespread attention from the industry. 

Trade It to the Top, A Celebration of the Champions 

The second round of competition concluded with super high returns achieved by top players from the Master and Classic Groups. The rankings are shown specifically as below: 

Round 2 Winners for Classic Group 
Round 2 Winners for Master Group 

Xue YanqXXX, the champion of the Classic Group, raise above the competition with a total return of 1323%. What’s even more surprising is that he achieved this record -high return with the fewest trading days among the top 10 winners. Taking a closer look at his trading records, we can see that his trading method could be considered a lot like hunting, it requires a lot of patience. You need to wait for the conditions to change in your favor. When they do, it will give you the opportunity to strike.   

Xue YanqXXX made a 5-lots XAUUSD trade on 8th November 2022. With only 6 hours, he made an excess profit of 13,300 USD which  dramatically uplifted his account’s yield and ranking. 

Meanwhile, Xue YanqXXX maintains a smaller position to test the market signal and sentiment. After a period of hibernation with less than 0.1 lot, Xue YanqXXX follows the market trend by increasing its trading position size. This tactic helps to keep a low drawdown while securing the profit and stabilizing the ranking. 

Later, from November 7th to 8th, Xue YanqXXX’s trading strategy was patient and cautious as the overall XAUUSD market  is in a sideways drift. However, as XAUUSD pulled up quickly on 8th November 2022 and broke through range-bound, Xue YanqXXX immediately increased his trading position size to 2 – 10 lots and finally gained USD 5,000+ returns in two days. 

During a sideways market, Xue YanqXXX started off with a small position during the slight dip within a narrow range, and then uplifted his positions when the market breakthrough arose. 

Xue YanqXXX’s trading record during the second round of competition shows hunter-like patience, advanced tactics and guts. Perhaps intensive trading every single day is not required, but once you’ve entered the field, you must be sure to win in one strike.  

Du PXXX, the first runner-up in the Classic Group, gained a return of 1144%, giving chase to the champion. Within 20+ trading days, Du PXXX rarely made trades with more than 1 lot  , even after gaining a huge profit. His orders for opening or increasing positions are constantly maintained between 0.2 – 0.5 lot, which stands out with a safe and stable strategy. This conveys the message that an excellent trader does not need to win high profits with a risky strategy. 

In addition, Du PXXX’s short position trading of USDJPY on 30th November 2022 was spectacular, demonstrating his accurate grasp of long-short market transitions. Du PXXX has been building short positions above the USDJPY day’s high of 139.60 and has benefited from the accumulated short positions as USDJPY fell sharply during the day. 

Besides, Du PXXX has been building and holding short positions in USDJPY between the Fibonacci indicator level of 0.786 – 1 on 30th November 2022 until the price dropped to the bottom level of this indicator. This ultimately brought him an excess profit of USD 5,000+ in one fell swoop. 

The competition in  the Classic Group and Master Group was equally exciting, with various trading ideas and techniques emerging from the experts. The winner of the Master Category in the second round was a Korean player, who also opened a breakout position on 8th November 2022, the day that XAUUSD rose sharply, and held it steadily during the rapid rally, finally leaving the market at the top of the wave with four orders that brought a high profit of USD 270,000. 

For the winner of Master Group, Kwon Ji SXXX, his capital management is somewhat refined in one’s rough way and his trading position was kept at 1 – 2 lots during the competition. He also cut his position decisively after losses with the fast-in and fast-out trading strategy. Throughout his performance, we have witnessed how the excellent trader from Korea made his trades. Regardless of the language and region, all traders were trying to pursue the holy grail of trading. 

Staying True to Our Mission of Promoting Public Welfare Development 

The #DooTrader Charity Cup Global Trading Competition always has charity as its core principle, and this year’s competition remains true to its original purpose: for every lot traded by a participant, Doo Prime pledges USD 0.1 to a philanthropic cause. A total of USD 35,029 was raised in the competition to support the educational efforts of underprivileged children around the world.   

Doo Prime upholds a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach to promote the development of public welfare. In the course of its growth, Doo Prime is committed to provide good education opportunities for underprivileged children around the world, improving their living environment and helping to cultivate talents in society.  Doo Prime also hopes to promote awareness of public welfare and to bring positive impact to society through our continuous efforts. 

The S3 #DooTrader Charity Cup Global Trading Competition has come to an end, but the trading journey will continue. Through this competition, many participants and practitioners have better knowledge of the market dynamics and the nature of trading. It also allows more investors to gain practical trading experience, and as a result, they will get to learn proper risk management for any investment in the future. 

Don’t worry if you missed out this year’s competition, let’s look forward to the next competition in the upcoming year with a more holistic approach and great rewards to create new trading miracles together. In addition, Doo Prime will launch S3 #DooTrader interview with the best investment experts where they share their guide to a successful trading journey. Stay tuned!  

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The above activities are subject to the terms and conditions. 

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Record-Breaking! The Winner Claims the Crown with the Highest Total Return of 1323%!

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