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 Global Participants Competing For The Championship 

S2 #DooTrader Charity Cup – Global Trading Competition Round 1 has officially started!  

Doo Prime has received over 500 applications since we announced the global trading event. We continue to welcome and anticipate even more enthusiastic participants to join as well as compete for the championship and the prizes!

The first stage of the competition starts today, from 18th October to 11th November 2021 (UTC+0). Fret not, as there is still time to participate.

Those who wish to compete with the best traders and have yet to participate are welcome to open an MT4 account via the Doo Prime User Center. As long as you meet the minimum deposit requirements, you are eligible to register, trade, contribute to society, and be in the running for amazing rewards.

The valid registration date for Round 1 will be open until 28th October, 2021 at 23:59:59 (UTC+0). The minimum initial deposit requirement is USD2,000 for the Classic Group and USD10,000 for the Masters Group. Don’t miss out on your opportunity!

A Trading Event Abounding With Rewarding Bonuses And Prizes

This championship holds a generous prize pool of USD150,000 to reward all participants for their support. In addition, if you successfully invite a friend to participate, you will be entitled to a USD12 rebate with no limit set!

On top of that, Doo Prime will also select outstanding participants for interviews and share their experiences with worldwide traders. With this, all participating traders can get insights from a top-notch trading environment and discover new patterns of global trading together. 

Terms and Conditions Apply. For more information, please visit the contest website

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