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The S2#DooTrader Charity Cup Global Trading Competition Has Concluded Successfully

The S2 #DooTrader Charity Cup Global Trading Competition, organized by Doo Prime, has finally concluded successfully on 19th December 2021. After 5 days of intense competition, the winners of two categories were crowned in the final round of the competition.

We would like to thank all our participants for entering the 2nd #DooTrader Charity Cup Global Trading Competition and helping to make it such a huge success.  

With great excitement, Doo Prime would like to officially announce the winners of this competition.  

Group Final Winner Yield% Net Worth No. Of Lots 
Master Li GuXXX 317.35% USD 41735.28 50 
Classic Cai XXX 226.22% USD 6524.30 4.8 

In the short course of the finals, the winners of the Classic and Master categories both emerged with impressive rate of returns and won the championship. Among them, the winner of the Master category, Li GuXXX, achieved a high yield of 317.35%, and gained a net worth of over USD 41,735.28 with his high frequency trading. 

After multiple stages of competing, the participants have proven their trading prowess. The participants have not only won rich prizes, but also their own unique competitive trading experience. Thanks to the joint efforts of all participants, the winners of this year’s competition will share a total prize pool of USD 91,580! 

With the aim of “improving the excellence of the industry and promoting proper trading concept”, the competition aspires to introduce global investors to more quality international financial products. In addition, to cultivate further master professional investment knowledge and strategies during the competition.

This year’s competition was met with a complex and volatile global situation: the market was also made more unstable by the Omicron outbreak. However, it was a time of opportunity for the participants.

This year, over 2,000 applications were received from China, Australia, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Brazil, and many other countries. Each participant put their best foot forward in the competition.

Regardless of whether winning or not, each participant brought home an important learning process that enabled them to make important improvements in their own technical summaries. This stands as a more valuable asset than the prize money for traders.  

Next on the S2 #DooTrader agenda, Doo Prime will invite the top performers for a one-on-one interview to share their experiences and past trading journeys. Don’t miss it if you want to relive the competition with these trading experts!   

As shared, for every 1 lot traded in the contest, Doo Prime pledges USD0.1 to a philanthropic cause. This year, a total of USD 1,829 was raised in the contest and the entire amount will be donated to support the educational efforts of underprivileged children around the world.  

We would like to thank each and every global participant once again for taking part and joining Doo Prime in starting a global charity initiative in the name of trading. 

Doo Prime will see you at the S3 #DooTrader Charity Cup Global Trading Competition, which will be held next year. Till then, we look forward to creating more trading milestones with global trading experts. 

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