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Doo Holding Group subsidiary’s Doo Tech successfully attended the 18th Asia Pacific Trading Summit to expand knowledge on the world of institutional trading new trends as well as the networking opportunities. As a leading global fintech developer with abundant technological resources, rich industry experience, and professional technical staff, Doo Tech looks forward to sharing an extensive portfolio with an equally global audience. In regards, the participation at the Asia Pacific Trading Summit enables Doo Tech to stand together with other leading institutions to be a credible platform for trading business and shared their innovation of fintech.

Asia Pacific Trading Summit is Asia’s largest one-day electronic trading events that cover the most pressing issues facing the institutional trading community.

The event also provides a neutral platform for buy-side, sell-side, exchanges, vendors, and regulators to share their ideas on how the community can continue to collaborate, ensure the healthy evolution of trading in the context of evolving Asia Pacific market structures and increasingly multi-asset trading environments.

Held on 20th October in Hong Kong, the event concluded with organized successfully by FIX Trading Community and gathered over 700 key personnel of the institutional trading industry physically and virtually.

Along the event done at the venue, all the precautionary measures are taken to ensure the safety of all as considerations for enhancing the protection of individuals and communities to preventing the spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

According to the organizers, the event was designed to meet the needs of the industry participants include traders and technologists. Throughout the event, participants have the opportunity to involve in thought-provoking and forward-focused insights with topics that address market and industry needs that have been discussed for years.

Among the topics discussed is the Exchange Update – London Stock Exchange, presented by Sabina Liu, Head of Asia Pacific Business Development, Cash Secondary Markets, and UK Account Coverage, London Stock Exchange Group.

Other than that, for Singapore Exchange (SGX) topic, it was presented by Janice Kan, Managing Director, Head of Markets, Equities, SGX together with Kok Chong Lam, Head of FX and Rates, SGX that provided a comprehensive overview of developments in the relevant stock exchange.

Besides, through a series of discussions such as “Equities Trading in Volatile Times” and “Trends in Trading-desk Technology and Operations”, many attendees were able to learn and be inspired by the current and future important areas that major fintech companies, exchanges, banks, and other institutions in the industry are involved in.

This event is our prime opportunity to bring Doo Tech mission consistently with customer’s first touch that provides them safe, reliable, professional, and convenient trading services.

Additionally, the main reason we participated in this year’s event is we believed that fintech will revolutionize the financial industry that allows us to move forward on innovation.

Doo Holding Group will actively be attending this kind of event in the future with the involvement of Doo Tech, Doo Financial, Doo Prime, Doo Clearing, and other sub-brands to provide innovative trading brokerage services in securities, futures, CFDs, and other financial products to individual and institutional clients globally.

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