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Doo Prime would like to take this opportunity to thank all attendees and announce that the exhibition was highly successful.

Over the weekend, on the 18th October of 2020 at the Windsor Plaza Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, Doo Prime send out our team of professional representatives and trading experts to represent and participate in the annual Wiki Finance Expo.

The outcome from the Wiki Finance Expo HCMC 2020 was a success. The Vietnamese market is currently the fastest-growing market in Southeast Asia and ASEAN economies which will, in turn, become a versatile financial market consisting various types of foreign and domestic banks, traders and professional service providers in the forex industry.

Doo Prime, as a strong technological broker, leading in the Southeast Asia market finds potential in the Vietnam market given that there has been a growth and demand in the consumer market for the trading instruments, namely the few popular commodities including gold and crude oil ever since the global pandemic of COVID-19.

Additionally, with suitable and efficient exposure, Doo Prime has received satisfying responses whereby the audiences’ interest was captured. The attendees who visited our booth at the expo were able to find out and understand all the essential knowledge about Doo Prime and learn how our trading platform can expand their trading interest and revenue potential.

Our team of professional representatives and trading experts were not only consulting attendees on professional trading insights and strategies but also encouraging all attendees to join our Doo Prime Masters Cup, The First Global Charity Competition.

In the fullness of time, Doo Prime also offered our Welcome Cash Bonus Scheme as a token of appreciation to all participants who sign up and start their first trade with us.

With such great turn-up for our booth at the Wiki Finance Expo HCMC 2020, Doo Prime sees this as an opportunity to continuously host more events and exhibitions for the general public, potential traders and as well as our clients while closely monitoring the situation regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

Doo Prime would like to express our gratitude and appreciation towards all attendees for making this a success upon this participation. It has been a pleasure hosting and educating all attendees and we look forward to assisting you with any further enquiries.

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