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July Non-Farm Payroll Eve

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Industry Dynamics

Weekly Economic Calendar For April 15th, 2024 – April 19th, 2024

Weekly Economic Calendar For April 15th, 2024 – April 19th, 2024.

2024-4-12 | Industry Dynamics

Multiple Federal Regulators Probe Morgan Stanley's Wealth Division 

Today’s News  Multiple federal regulators are probing Morgan Stanley’s wealth management segment to ensure it effectively assesses clients for potential money laundering risks. The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), alongside the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency and other Treasury Department entities, are leading investigations into this matter.   These inquiries, coupled with a […]

2024-4-12 | Industry Dynamics

New Judge Takes Over Apple Antitrust Case After Recusal 

Today’s News  The U.S. Justice Department’s legal action against Apple for alleged antitrust violations in the smartphone market has taken a new turn as a different judge step in to preside over the case. The high-profile case brought by the U.S. Justice Department against Apple, accusing the tech giant of unlawfully monopolizing the smartphone market, […]

2024-4-11 | Industry Dynamics