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Outrade & Outrade Admin Update Notice

Doo Prime is pleased to announce the latest update of Outrade V1.12.0. & V1.13.0. alongside Outrade Admin V1.5.0 & V1.6.0 to upgrade and enhance user’s interface experience.

Outrade is a Social Trading community that provides more than 100,000 high quality Trading Signals for traders.

Doo Prime has been employing Outrade, a social trading system that offers brokers to create a personalized and SaaS-based community trading front desk for retailers, including transaction signal sharing, follower follow-up, and community interaction. Outrade has enabled Doo Prime to break the gap between foreign investors and different brokers alongside information barriers. Hence, Outrade provide us the opportunity to support all brokers, achieve cloud cross-broker calls and orders.

Despite only having our social trading community system updated not long ago on visual experience optimization, data analysis and optimization as well as some minor details adjustments.

Doo Prime alongside with Outrade strongly believe in providing the best user interface for all our traders to ensure we meet the requirement of being a global investment trading platform.

Listed below are the updates in the latest Outrade system.  

Outrade V1.12.0 & V1.13.0 

1. Additional verification code to increase login security

2. Additional language – Vietnamese

3. Updated novice guide functions & logical modifications of account’s default settings

4. Updated trading leaderboard which will display the corresponding signals according to the settings of Outrade Admin

5. MT4/MT5 distinguished display when binding account

6. Supports read-only password when unbinding and binding accounts

7. Customized the help center to read the icon settings of Outrade Admin

8. Ability to view a follower’s details on the mobile terminal

9. Multiple updates on optimized display and system settings

10. Other optimizations and known bug fixes

Outrade Admin V1.5.0 & V1.6.0 

1. Additional module called “Platform Account” has been added

2. Additional signal settings for trading rankings

3. Support multiple selection when adding an account to the star rankings

4. Support icon customization when adding categories in the custom help center

5. Ability to hide the signal source field of the follower at management page

6. Ability to adjust the maximum limit of the platform share ratio

7. Fixes related to the follower order page

Doo Prime is highly honored to assist our customers in using the community-oriented document system – Outrade, which is also known as the next-generation automated mirror trading system. Outrade allows Doo Primes traders to directly track master trades to their trading accounts (document system). Outrade also accommodate traders to publish their transaction as a signal for other users to track.

Doo Prime and Outrade also provide the benefit of granting a certain percentage of the profit share if others users were to track the trading profit posted by traders. Besides, we assist traders to create their own asset portfolio without charging any processing or management fees. In addition, Outrade runs on a dedicated server in its system, hence, users are not required to install or run any software which allows quick and direct access.

Through our vigilance against complacency, we at Doo Prime remain committed to our corporate vision to offer the highest quality services to retail forex traders and partners.

For further information, you may contact Doo Prime via :

Phone Number : +44 20 8123 9088 (UK) or +852 5576 9874 (Hong Kong)

E-Mail : [email protected]

Website : www.dooprime.com

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