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The Race For AI Advancements Continue

Clock Is Ticking For Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

App support for the Vision Pro will be critical to its success. Although iPad apps will be able to run inside the headset, Apple hopes developers will go beyond porting the simple 2D windows to the platform and create full 3D apps that weren’t possible before on other portable devices.

Defects On 787 Dreamliners Will Slow Deliveries

Boeing has warned about a new string of defects on its 787 Dreamliner planes and that it will delay the deliveries of the wide-body aircraft. These defects are part of the manufacturer’s latest production issue.

EU’s Largest Economy May Experience Limited Growth For Years To Come

Germany, Europe’s largest economy is experiencing a shortage of staff as workers are becoming scarce and financial penalties plague production. Such bottlenecks are becoming increasingly common and increasingly damaging which may limit growth to a mere 1% for the next decade. 

Today’s News

The recent big tech rally has caught the world’s attention as investors have ramped up on funds, joining the race like never before. Artificial intelligence stocks and semiconductor-related industries have since experienced an alarming increase of recognition and funding with no signs of slowing down in the near future.

As a result on the rampant rise of interest towards AI and semiconductors, multiple news channels have reported various activities in the industry.

Priceline Teams Up With Google For AI Chatbot Race

Online traveling platforms are jumping aboard as artificial intelligence tools has permitted these providers to stretch beyond the boundaries of consumer chatbots and internet searches into a widening array of businesses.

Source: Bloomberg

Booking, Expedia and Airbnb are among the list of established travel companies that are constantly on the lookout for ways to ease the overall booking process for consumers.

OpenAI CEO Rejects IPO Plans

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, has shared his views on going public at a a conference in Abu Dhabi.


Altman expressed that pursuing super intelligence will likely result in making questionable decisions that may cause concerns between investors. Hence, revealing that at its current state, ChatGPT will not be venturing into the public market.

EU Clings Onto Digital Goals As Other Regions Pull Ahead

Europe needs to invest massively in its telecoms network to achieve its digital goals, explains EU industry chief Thierry Breton as he defended a push to get Big Tech to help fund the rollout of broadband and 5G throughout the nation.


In other news, EU telecoms regulators’ body opposed Breton’s comments with claims that it did not identify problems with the competition or market failure to warrant any legislation on the matter.

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Industry Dynamics

Oil Prices Rise Ahead of Anticipated Fed Rate Cuts

Oil prices increased in early trading on Monday as investors awaited signs that the Federal Reserve might start reducing interest rates as early as September. By early GMT, Brent crude had risen by 48 cents to USD 83.10 a barrel, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude gained 42 cents, reaching USD 80.55. 

2024-7-22 | Industry Dynamics

Apax, Bain, and CVC Consider Bids for SoftwareOne

Private equity giants Apax Partners, Bain Capital, and CVC are each considering placing bids for SoftwareOne, according to sources familiar with the matter. This development comes three months following the removal of the Swiss software company's board.

2024-7-19 | Industry Dynamics

Weekly Economic Calendar for July 22nd to 26th, 2024

Weekly Economic Calendar for July 22nd to 26th, 2024

2024-7-19 | Industry Dynamics