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Why Trade Gold Now?

Why Trade Gold Now?

Gold has become a market darling recently as the fear of the coronavirus pandemic would spark a deep global economic downturn and low-interest environment has prompted investors to sought the precious metal as hedge against the risk.

This is because in a low-interest environment, currencies often face debasement and the returns from many asset classes such as bonds tend to be lower and thus making gold an attractive asset for wealth protection and hedging against the market risk.

Against this backdrop, the US Dollar Index has been put under pressure after it reached its recent high in March this year and currently showing a “sell” signal based on technical analysis by TradingView.

On the contrary gold prices have been rebounding ever since March and reaching a 7-year high in May this year.

Given the grim economic outlook and market volatility, it could be one of the best times to invest in gold while tapping on the vibrant trading activity to reap some returns.

At Doo Prime, we offer gold futures contract for difference (CFD) with 100 times leverage ratio and a minimum deposit of only USD 100 to start trading the yellow metal, making it accessible to everyone in the market, including those with relatively small amount of trading fund.

The trading cost at Doo Prime is also one of the lowest in the global market and users can even enjoy rebates on the spreads of the trading products on the platform, thus maximizing your returns from the trading.

Fret not if you have no idea on how to trade as the real time technical analysis and trading ideas on Doo Prime, which provided by Trading Central will help you to seize every trading opportunity out there.

Get in touch with us at https://www.dooprime.com/en/trade/metal and starting trading gold today!

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