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Precious metals are a popular trading product. In some cases, political and economic events can affect the price of precious metals and even cause large fluctuations in the market. It is precisely because of these uncertainties that traders prefer to use assets such as gold to circumvent market risks.

Doo Prime offers customers 100 times leveraged trading in gold and even small fund traders can get more trading opportunities through Doo Prime.

Spot gold has many trading advantages, one of which is its hedging ability against inflation regardless of market conditions. In contrast to most traditional currencies, gold retains its purchasing power during inflation.

As a safe-haven asset, gold stands its ground during periods of global instability, even as the price of other assets fall. Ultimately, there is a range of financial instruments available to trade with gold, from e-micro futures to stocks and gold bonds.

Because of the special properties of gold, it is always given high value by the market.

Trading Gold with Doo Prime allows : 

  • Profit from falling and rising markets 

Unlike investing in physical gold, trading gold with Doo Prime allows you to buy and sell it without owning a single ounce. Thus, you can catch every small fluctuation in its price movement and gain by both going long or short on gold. All you have to do is place an order online from your account, and then follow your investment.

  • Leverage – Low Initial Investment 

When you trade gold with Doo Prime you are allowed to use leverage. It enables you to buy a full value contract by paying only a fraction of the required amount. The maximum size of the leverage depends on each broker and the account type you open. Doo Prime offers up to 1:200 leverage or even higher. Although using leverage carries a high degree of risk, it is a powerful tool that can bring you great profits.

  • Utilize MT4 or MT5 and all its features 

Doo Prime employs the best and most popular Forex trading platforms; MT4 and MT5. Both versions provide you with a complete set of technical analysis tools and various charts so you can analyze the market and make informed trading decisions. In addition, you can use various order types so that you can limit your losses and maximize your profits.

Overall, we’ve outlined some advantages of trading gold with Doo Prime, but there are many others as well. It’s an easy and convenient way to trade gold, as you can do it online 24 hours a day. If you’re now feel ready to trade gold you can do so by opening a demo or real account with Doo Prime here.

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