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Doo Prime introduces a better version of OuTrade with client-centric improvements

In line with its aspirations of bringing the unrivalled trading experience to the global trading community, Doo Prime has released a new version of the Doo Prime OuTrade forex trading system with dozens of client-centric improvements.

The Doo Prime OuTrade V1.10.0, which will be released on 18 June 2020, will be introducing an enhanced experience that focuses on three aspects, namely the visual experience optimization, statistical analysis optimization, and other improvements that includes additional features.

With these optimizations and improvements, users can enjoy a better experience on the Doo Prime OuTrade platform with the improved page speed and revamped page layout as well as the user interface.

The process of copying the trades by traders on the platform has been optimized while charts can be viewed in full-screen mode and downloaded by users.

Furthermore, users will be able to make better decisions with the newly optimized trading statistics and data on the platform.

The Doo Prime OuTrade V1.10.0 has added a monthly portfolio return feature and improved the refresh time of Trading Dynamics, which showcases the latest trades made by traders and the transaction details.

The new version also comes with several additional features, including a radar chart on trading performance, a monthly return chart, new sorting order for the Top Traders ranking list in order to assist the users in conducting in-depth analysis and evaluation.

The continuous upgrading of the OuTrade system and features is a testimonial to Doo Prime team’s solid technology expertise and client-centric focus, which aims to assist clients in achieving maximized returns in their trading journey.

As such, Doo Prime has been working tirelessly on enhancing its social trading services, of which includes the Doo Prime OuTrade system to create a reliable and secure copy-trading platform that offers informative and profitable strategies and ideas for traders around the world.

Currently, there are more than 100,000 high-quality trading signals available on Doo Prime OuTrade with more than 100,000 accounts.

Visit to find out more about how you can benefit from Doo Prime OuTrade’s social trading features, or check out the full update notes below:

OuTrade V1.10.0 update notes:

  1. Visual Experience Optimization
    1. Revamped UI
    2. Website load time improved
    3. Optimized charting control to ensure a smoother sliding transitions
    4. Revamped interaction and layout to improve UX

  1. Statistical Analysis Optimization
    1. Added an algorithm for monthly returns
    2. Maximum drawdown in the ranking list can now be sorted according to trade time
    3. Adjusted the OuTrade Score algorithm
    4. Regular removal of the expired ranking data
    5. Adjusted the Trading Dynamics script to improve refresh time

  1. Other improvements
    1. Added a carousel on the homepage
    2. Revamped the layout and content of the homepage
    3. Adjusted the menu navigation and layout
    4. Added a footer
    4. Revamped the layout of detail page
    5. Added a radar chart for overall rating evaluation on detail page
    6. Added a monthly return chart on detail page
    7. The monthly report on detail page now support multi-month selection to perform statistical analysis
    8. Charts now support functions such as download and view in full-screen
    9. The timeframe of total gain, profit and maximum drawdown on detail page has been changed to the last three months
    10. Added new sorting order and the capital size option in the ranking list
    11. Adjusted the process of binding account
    12. Revamped the signal subscription page
    13. SEO optimized
    14. Optimized the copy-trading process and notification content
    15. Revamped the Help Centre page
    16. Added an access to the current subscribing signal providers on the follower detail page
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