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Doo Prime has always been committed to providing convenient, efficient, and consistent social trading ideas for our traders. Currently, they can reach out to outstanding traders through Myfxbook AutoTrade and FOLLOWME trading communities on our platform.

To maintain a high quality of the new signal source, the access system of the mentioned trading communities is strictly supervised. Taken Myfxbook AutoTrade as an example, the selected signal source must meet multiple requirements on return rate, retracement rate, capital amount, technical specifications, etc.

The signal source we are highlighting today is ‘CURRENCYALGO ‘. Although, it has been selected by Myfxbook AutoTrade for only 6 months, it has already achieved an average monthly return of 6.93%, ranking fourth on the list.

Exclusive trading strategy depends on currency strength 

CURRENCYALGO emphasizes steady performance and demonstrates excellent continuity and stability. Beginning with a capital of 2,500 AUD, it has gained profits for 5 months, with an average monthly profit rate of 6.93%. Now, its profit reached 941.79 AUD in total.

The signal provider mentioned, ‘The algorithm of this trading strategy is exclusively developed and tested for 6 months before being used on real accounts. This strategy is based on trend trading with momentum and currency strength.’

Currency strength is a technical tool for foreign exchange traders. It shows the trend between currencies in the foreign exchange market. The main difference between technical tools and technical indicators is that the former displays ‘timing of decisions’, while the latter displays ‘trading varieties’. The exclusive algorithm of the signal source deconstructs the price of different currencies relative to other currencies, and the percentage of change over a period of time.

CURRENCYALGO deals relatively in a single transaction, mainly EUR/USD, GBP/USD, and XAU/USD. The size of transactions for each order is 0.05 lots. At present, the signal source has conducted 235 transactions with a total winning rate of 57%.

How to subscribe to the signal provider?

To subscribe to the best-performing traders on Doo Prime Myfxbook AutoTrade, all you need to do is register a Doo Prime standard trading account and link the account to the Myfxbook AutoTrade social trading community.

Here’s how:

Step 1: Logon to the Doo Prime CRM system via Doo Prime’s website and create a new MT4 trading account and select “Myfxbook AutoTrade” as the type of account.

Step 2: Register an AutoTrade account at and visit Myfxbook AutoTrade’s website once the registration is completed.

Step 3: In order to link your Doo Prime and AutoTrade account, select Doo Prime and open a real trading account on the AutoTrade homepage. Select “Doo Prime-Live 2” in the server list and key in the login details of your Doo Prime MT4 account.

Please wait for AutoTrade to approve the account linkage application. Once it has been approved, you can start subscribing to signal providers and perform copytrading!

Note: Please ensure your account balance remain at above USD 1,000 at all times.


Doo Prime does not control the signals provided by the Myfxbook AutoTrade social trading platform and the trading results you generate on your Doo Prime account through this platform, therefore we are not responsible for any of them. Myfxbook AutoTrade platform is available on the Doo Prime account. The signals do not represent actual, general personal advice given by Doo Prime.

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