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Doo Prime U.S. & AU Securities Dividend Distribution Notice

We would like to remind you that several listed companies will distribute their dividends from 27.05.2024 – 31.05.2024.

Please find more details below.

Equities and Spot Index Dividend Distribution

Spot Index CFDs
Index Spot CFDLong PositionShort PositionCurrencyEX – Dividend Date
FRA402.7120-4.4952EUR27th May 2024
HK504.9792-8.2560HKD27th May 2024
FRA4011.7032-19.4028EUR28th May 2024
EU503.0712-5.0916EUR28th May 2024
SP5000.0144-0.0240USD28th May 2024
AUS2000.0720-0.1200AUD28th May 2024
HK509.4408-15.6516HKD28th May 2024
FRA405.5392-9.1824EUR29th May 2024
NAS1000.1624-0.2700USD29th May 2024
SP5000.0496-0.0816USD29th May 2024
HK5016.1776-26.8200HKD29th May 2024
UK1001.2296-2.0388GBP30th May 2024
EU502.0208-3.3504EUR30th May 2024
US3024.9648-41.3880USD30th May 2024
NAS1000.9512-1.5780USD30th May 2024
SP5000.4104-0.6804USD30th May 2024
AUS2000.0872-0.1452AUD30th May 2024
HK500.1832-0.3036HKD30th May 2024
FRA401.8472-3.0624EUR31st May 2024
US303.4952-5.7948USD31st May 2024
NAS1001.0104-1.6740USD31st May 2024
SP5000.3728-0.6192USD31st May 2024
HK503.0072-4.9860HKD31st May 2024

US, HK & AU Listed Companies
CompanyDistribution Amount (per share)EX –Dividend Date
Power Asset Holdings LimitedHKD 2.0427th May 2024
Orient Overseas International Ltd.USD 0.18127th May 2024
CK Infrastructure Holdings Ltd.HKD 1.8527th May 2024
AAC Technologies Holdings Inc.HKD 0.127th May 2024
Great Wall Motor Company LimitedCNY 0.328th May 2024
CK Asset Holdings LimitedHKD 1.6228th May 2024
CK Hutchison Holdings LimitedHKD 1.77528th May 2024
AIA Group LimitedHKD 1.190729th May 2024
Nufarm Ltd. AUD 0.0429th May 2024
Sunny Optical Technology Group Co Ltd.CNY 0.230th May 2024
Technology One Ltd.AUD 0.050830th May 2024
Qualcomm Inc.USD 0.8530th May 2024
The Goldman Sachs Group, Inc.USD 2.7530th May 2024
CLP Holdings LimitedHKD 0.6331st May 2024
CSPC Pharmaceutical Group Ltd.HKD 0.1431st May 2024
Kingsoft Corporation LimitedHKD 0.1431st May 2024
Metrics Master Income TrustAUD 0.013531st May 2024
Barrick Gold Corp.USD 0.131st May 2024
eBay Inc.USD 0.2731st May 2024

Important note:
Doo Prime will adjust the dividend fee funds in the clients’ account based on the net position of their long or short order of the clients’ holding stock after the stock market closes. A 1% handling fee will be deducted at the same time.

Please be reminded that the information above might change subsequently. Please take this information accurately at the time of posting.

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