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Doo Prime Users Profiting From Oil Price Plunge

Oil has become the hottest commodities traded on the market after prices have crashed to historic lows and even negative territory last week.

According to data, West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude futures for May, which expired on April 21, settled at USD -37.63 on April 20, falling USD 55.90, and even sinking as low as USD -40.32.

One of the factors that has contributed to the plunge is the COVID-19 pandemic which impacted the world’s demand for crude.

On the other hand, global storage is quickly filling and it could be maxed out as soon as mid-May, which is only about a couple of weeks from now, according to experts.

It is expected that the downward pressure on oil prices will continue around the world due to the current glut and the oil market will remain volatile for a period of time.

This has led to many brokerage firms to temporarily suspend the crude oil trading futures on their platform while some even paused the withdrawal for clients.

It is reported that an US-based trading services platform has temporarily paused withdrawals for some of its clients as the unprecedented oil price movement on April 20 has led to the broker reviewing some positions held by clients.

Despite the challenging times, it is all business as usual at Doo Prime where client’s withdrawal requests are always processed in a fast and accurate manner.

During last week when oil prices recorded drastic drops, Doo Prime clients who gained from their oil futures trading were able to receive their profits within the day that they submitted the withdrawal request, even though some of the amount is as high as almost USD 68,000.

From April 20 to 21 this year, 13 Doo Prime crude oil traders have reaped in profits of between USD 15,000 and USD 67,554 from the trading of the WTI crude (XTI) and Brent Crude (XBR) on the platform and all of them have received their withdrawal of the profits.

This signifies Doo Prime’s leading position as the world’s most trusted trading platform which strive to provide a diverse range of trading products and exclusive services to its clients.

At Doo Prime, ensuring the security of client’s fund is our utmost priority. We strictly adhere to the regulations set by the world’s most stringent governing body on ring-fencing our client’s fund and separating them from our own company fund.

Robust Trading Platform

The fantastic earnings recorded by Doo Prime’s traders are a testimony to Doo Prime’s ability to provide a fast and stable trading experience with informed decision at anytime and anywhere around the globe.

This is attributed to the platform’s powerful IT infrastructure located in EQUINIX’s data centres in Hong Kong, London, New York, Singapore, and Tokyo and enhanced by the Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) technology, which creates a swift order execution speed of less than 30 milliseconds and allow traders to make a quick move in response to the changes in the market.

On top of that, the users are also able to make informed investment decisions, even in times of volatility with in-depth market analysis and trading strategies by established market research and analytic firms called Trading Central and Strategic Alpha, which provide timely trading insights and ideas that keep tracks on the latest market developments. In fact, Doo Prime has been collaborating with Trading Central and Strategic Alpha to bring the latest trading insights, tips, and market information for our valued customers.

Maximize Your Profits

The competitive trading cost at the platform is also one of the key factors as traders’ profits from their respective trades will be maximized, thus offering a better yield as compared to many other online trading platforms or online brokerages or Internet brokers.

As one of the fastest growing online brokerage players in the global market, Doo Prime offers a one-stop trading experience that allows traders around the world to tap onto any opportunity arising from the global market with its wide range of trading products that not only includes energy commodities but also stocks, futures, forex, cryptocurrencies, precious metals, and indices.

Since its inception, Doo Prime, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Doo Holding Group has been receiving overwhelming support from the international investment community as the number of registered clients on the platform has grew beyond the 100,000 mark over a short span of time.

Interested to experience how Doo Prime’s technology and services can help you make better decisions? Visit and register now.

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