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Doo Prime’s Cutting-Edge Features and Their Benefits

Besides user-friendly trading platforms, Doo Prime is equipped with various features that cater to retail and institutional trader’s every need.

From unrivalled trading experience to building a profitable portfolio and established and manage multiple trading accounts under a main account, these features are deemed as a useful and essential tool by both retail and institutional traders.

So, what are these features and how they are benefiting Doo Prime users?


  1. Doo Prime FIX API 4.4

Doo Prime adopts the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) application programming interface (API) 4.4 technology to create a secure trading environment with ultra-low latency and best performance in the industry.

The FIX API 4.4 is a high-end industrial communication protocol for international real time exchange of information for global financial and trading markets and it provides Direct Market Access for Doo Prime to directly access the global markets, thus ensuring the speed, stability and security of the trades performed on the platform.

With this, Doo Primes users are able to enjoy a 10-level market depth in the buy and sell orders to make a more accurate order while access the future price movement with the depth of market data.


  1. Doo Prime’s MAM and PAMM functions

Doo Prime’s CRM system offer the Multi Account Management (MAM) and Percentage Allocation Management Module (PAMM) features to facilitate a better copy trading experience for users.

With these features, users can create a main account that can be associated with hundreds of sub-accounts and similar to the Doo Prime OuTrade Social Trading System, users can perform copy trading with these sub-accounts or become a signal provider with the main account.

The MAM and PAMM are hassle-free functions that comes with multiple order execution modes such as entry order, loss stop, profit stop, and partial close-out as well as automatic profit allocation based on a fixed proportion between the signal provider and follower.


  1. Doo Prime InTrade

Doo Prime InTrade is a leading cloud and web-based trading platform that enable users to access the latest market news and insights on any operating systems and browsers at anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, users can enjoy exclusive technical charts, real-time data, and trading ideas shared on the platform and make better decisions. Users can even create their own charts with the built-in tools.

Doo Prime InTrade also comes with a multi-account management function that caters to institutional clients and multi-account managers, who can create a main account to manage the trades of sub-accounts that have granted authorization to them.


  1. Doo Prime OuTrade Social Trading System

The Doo Prime OuTrade Social Trading System is a powerful social trading platform which features more than 3000 high-quality forex trading signals contributed by seasoned traders around the world.

For those who just started trading forex, they can capitalize on the strategies adopted by top-performing traders on the trading leaderboard by subscribing to their signals and start making profitable trades.

The system also provides a comprehensive and multi-dimensional analysis on the trading information of signal providers, such as their deposit and withdrawal amounts, leverage ratio, previous transactions, and returns and trade behaviours.


  1. Doo Prime Myfxbook AutoTrade

This is another social trading platform whereby Doo Prime partners with Myfxbook AutoTrade, the world’s largest social trading platform to offer another reliable choice for traders.

Apart from the numerous trading signals and in-depth analysis on signal providers’ track record and current positions, Doo Prime Myfxbook AutoTrade comes with a trade simulator that allow new traders to find the best following strategies before trading in the real market.

Available on the Doo Prime CRM system, the Doo Prime Myfxbook AutoTrade features numerous top-performing traders with returns of up to 1,000% for followers to choose from.

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