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Doo Prime’s Monthly Trading Volume Statistics for December 2020  


Doo Prime Reports Record Trading Volumes in December 2020   


Doo Prime, a leading global online broker, reported a monthly trading volume of US$16.69 billion in December 2020.


Due to various circumstances, December figures have decreased by 13.39% in trading volume as compared to the figures in the previous month.


Having hit US$54.39 billion in October, Doo Prime recorded a total traded of US$178.72 billion in 2020.



XAU/USD remained consistent as the most popular instrument of traders for the past few months, with a total trading volume of US$9.11 billion in December 2020. The figures represented 54.62% of the overall monthly trading volume.



Meanwhile, 23.73% of the total volumes traded in December came from strong pairings, namely, the EUR/USD and GBP/USD.


Based on the statistics, the GBP/USD pairings posted the highest increase in monthly trading volumes with US$803.57 million, or 94.81%.


Doo Prime showed continued strength in trading volumes despite the volatility in market conditions. We will continue to establish a global brokerage system and leading the way to the new era of fintech-driven globalization.


2020 has certainly been a year where the world has faced unprecedented challenges. This has spurred Doo Prime to meet those challenges for itself, and its customers.


As a leading broker, Doo Prime has a responsibility and commitment to establishing an online trading platform that empowers clients to stay one step ahead.


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Doo Prime is an international pre-eminent online broker under the Doo Group with operation centers in Hong Kong, Dallas, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and other regions. Our main ethos is to provide professional investors with global financial instruments (CFDs) on our trading platform.


Doo Prime holds the financial regulatory licenses in Mauritius and Vanuatu, which has granted us the opportunity to deliver the finest trading experience to more than 15,780 professional clients, alongside with managing a massive trading volume of dozens of billions of dollars monthly.


By the virtue of robust technological innovation put forward by the group, Doo Prime has achieved seamless connection with the global trading market, providing thousands of CFD products on multiple trading terminals such as MT4, MT5, TradingView, InTrade, and more, covering Forex, Precious Metal, Energy, Indices, Securities and Futures, allowing clients to invest globally with one click.


With a solid vigorous group background, competitive trading cost, convenient deposit and withdrawal methods, plus 24/7 multilingual customer service, Doo Prime is committed to become your private veteran broker.



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