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Doo Prime’s Monthly Trading Volume Statistics For September 2020 

Doo Prime Reports Highest Monthly Trading Volumes on Record in September   

September saw massive increases in monthly trading volumes for Doo Prime, a leading global online broker.

Doo Prime reported US$16.95 billion in trading volumes for last month or a 354.45% increase compared to the total traded in August 2020.

The strong volumes mark September as the highest traded month and the total traded for the year to date is valued at US$88.38 billion.

Based on the statistics, the XAU/USD pairings saw the strongest traded instruments in September with 30.14% of total volumes traded.

Meanwhile, the GBP/USD and EUR/USD represent 35.57% of the total volumes traded in September.

Compared to August 2020, XAU/USD posted the highest increase in monthly trading volumes with US$4.42 billion or 649.11%.

Despite the volatility in market conditions, Doo Prime showed continued strength in trading volumes.

Year-to-date, March was the second-highest traded month with a total of US$14.92 billion worth of transactions recorded.

Doo Prime will continue to creating a global fintech system and leading the way to the new era of fintech-driven globalisation. While 2020 has certainly been a year where the world has faced unprecedented challenges following the global pandemic, this has only spurred on Doo Prime to meet those challenges for itself and its customers.

Doo Prime consolidates different trading assets including forex, precious metals, securities, indices, energies, futures and CFD into one account so one-stop worldwide investment is easily accessible.

As a leading broker, Doo Prime has the responsibility and commitment to establishing an online trading platform that empowers clients to stay one step ahead.


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