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The Available Trading Central’s Products on Doo Prime 

Trading Central is known as the global leader of the financial technology innovation, as well as a premium, one-stop-shop for investment decision support. It is a fintech company that provides transaction analysis related to derivatives services and it has cooperated with many of our peers alongside some large fintech and online trading platforms.

Upon the announcement of the collaboration with Trading Central, Doo Prime has been providing our clients with efficient Analyst ViewsFeatured IdeaEconomic Insight, and Web TV to assist in perfecting our clients’ trading strategies.

Trading Central’s main ethos will support Doo Prime’s brokerage business by facilitating the long-lasting success of Doo Prime’s investing customers.

To achieve that, Trading Central will strive to find and validate new opportunities for investors, time investor’s trades, learn about financial markets, and manage investor’s risk. Also, Trading Central’s solution harness an award-winning fusion of automated AI analytics, impressive user interfaces, and registered investment adviser expertise.

The products that Doo Prime employs on Trading Central are the Analyst ViewsFeatured IdeasEconomic Insight, and Web TV.

All of Trading Central’s products mentioned above can be access directly for Doo Prime’s clients through the Doo Prime CRM system under the “Analysis” section under “Trading Central” category.

Analyst Views    

Trading Central’s Analyst Views indicator is our clients’ go-to source for direction and key levels. It is the world’s only financial market research solution offering a unique and invaluable combination of senior analyst expertise and automated algorithms.

Trading Central’s proprietary pattern recognition is constantly monitoring the market to offer Doo Prime’s clients actionable trading plans based on award-winning methodologies. Meanwhile, their global team of expert market technicians is present to validate all analytical output to ensure only the best analysis is published.

Featured Ideas    

Trading Central’s Featured Ideas is an award-winning insight that supports and engages traders on Doo Prime by delivering live bullish or bearish investment ideas based on technical and fundamental analysis.

The Featured Ideas consist of tailor ideas for Doo Prime’s clients’ individual preferred currency pairs, holding timeframes and technical analysis methods with their automated and personalized settings. Featured Ideas will scan the universe of trade ideas and deliver only those relevant to your unique style.

Economic Insight  

Trading Central’s Economic Insight empowers Doo Prime’s traders with the tools they need to monitor, anticipate and act on the market – moving economic events.

Its actionable real-time data, powerful impact and volatility analysis tools, and interactive charting enable traders to identify and assess how events are impacting FX pairs.

With volatility and price direction, Economic Insight enables traders to make timely and educated decisions. Meanwhile, its transparency, interactive and mobile-friendly experience fulfils Doo Prime’s traders’ hunger for rich data insights and transparency.

Web TV     

Trading Central’s team of professional reporters record live from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange to provide a one-of-a-kind service. Offering Doo Prime’s traders an independent overview of new-worthy market movement with our actionable and engaging trade ideas and financial commentary.

Doo Prime has chosen Trading Central’s technical analysis package which is intensified in real-time, actionable trading opportunities for our most popular trading product. All demo and live account clients have access to our Daily Market Report, and live account traders also receive log in details to access Trading Central’s brand new MetaTrader 4 Indicator and the Trading News Portal.

Through our vigilance against complacency, Doo Prime together with Trading Central adheres to remain committed to our global benchmark to offer the highest quality services to retail forex traders and partners.


Trading central is a respected third-party research provider and the information provided should not be considered as trading advice. Doo Prime provides Trading Central research to support clients in their trades and give them trading ideas, which should be independently evaluated. Doo Prime cannot be held liable for any information provided by Trading Central.  

Read more on Trading Central here.


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