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Doo Prime InTrade & TradingView Maintenance Notice

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System Updates

Doo Prime Demo 1 Server Upgrade Notice

We are pleased to inform you that in our ongoing efforts to enhance your trading experience, Doo Prime will be upgrading the Doo Prime Demo 1 server

2023-10-20 | System Updates

Doo Prime User Center Trading Account Limit Increase Notice

Doo Prime is doubling the maximum number of trading accounts you can independently open within our User Center Client.

2023-9-14 | System Updates

Doo Prime CopyTrading ​Cross-Server CopyTrading & Referral Link Features Launch Notice

In response to the growing demand for signal following and profit-sharing opportunities, Doo Prime is proud to introduce the Cross-Server CopyTrading and referral link features

2023-8-17 | System Updates