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What Is Trading Central?

What Is Trading Central?

Established in 1999, Trading Central is an award-winning and global benchmark for independent technical analysis research provider to the financial market.

Trading Central’s analysis covers major currencies, precious metals, commodities, futures, options, bonds, ETFs, and indices based on renowned market sources such as Bloomberg, Thomson Reuters, and Dow Jones.

The Trading Central’s trading strategies are deemed as a good reference point for veteran investors, to keep the investors in making informed trading decisions more confidently. If you have never heard of them; then, I am fairly sure that you are new to the trading world.

Trading Central’s services and plugins are not available for sale. In fact, the services are only available via world’s leading online brokerage platforms such as Doo Prime.

To be able to spot on the investment opportunities before everyone else, sign up for a trading account with Doo Prime today, then you would be able to access to the latest market strategies provided by Trading Central.

Access Trading Central’s first-hand analysis reports via Doo Prime’s MT4

Doo Prime is a professional and cutting-edge online trading and brokerage platform under Doo Holding Group, a Hong Kong-based FinTech company.

With the integration of Trading Central’s research and technical analysis tools into Doo Prime’s MT4 Plugin, all Demo and Live Account clients have been granted the access to the daily market reports from Trading Central, including the Analyst Perspective, Technical Analysis, and Financial Calendar.

Doo Prime’s Demo and Live Account clients can now access Trading Central’s MetaTrader 4 Indicator and its news portal, to drag their preferable indicator onto any currency pairs chart and get the insightful views from the experts instantly.

The trading signals provided by Trading Central incorporate a variety of analytical approaches into the forecasting methodology and their expert analyst teams constantly offering independent second opinions in order to provide valuable tools for traders under all market conditions and time frames.

Investors can use the signals given by Trading Central to work out their own strategies and create their own investment portfolio in order to grasp the market trend as accurately as they can.

Award-winning market research firm

Trading Central is a certified member of three Independent Research Provider (IRP) associations, including Investorside, The European Association of Independent Research Providers (Euro IRP), and the Asian Association of Independent Research Providers (Asia IRP).

In the United States, Trading Central Americas, Inc. is a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) under IARD/CRD number 801-67210.

Trading Central Asia Ltd has received a license (number AWI815) from the Hong Kong-based Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) to conduct “Type 4” and “Type 5” regulated activities (Advising on Securities and Futures).

With over twenty years of track record, Trading Central has been voted as one of the world’s Best Technical Analysts and Independent Research House.

Their products have received numerous awards and recognitions, among them are the TC Market Buzz which has won the “Most Innovative New Product” and TC Economic won the “Best Specialist Product” at the 2020 Technical Analyst Awards.

Without further ado, sign up today with Doo Prime’s free of charge Demo Account (https://www.dooprime.com/en/simulation) or live account (https://user.dooprime.com and gain access to a customizable view of the markets around the globe from award-winning Trading Central.

To directly download the indicator from Doo Prime’s CRM User Center, please click here (https://user.dooprime.com/). Please contact us if you need help, our 24/7/365 multi-language customer support service personnel would love to assist you.

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